Elise Luce Kraemer, Visual Artist
Dhyana - Yogi's Staff Pose/Yoga DandasanaJon - Scorpion/VrischikaJadee - Beginning ClassDanielle - Plough/HalasanaGabby - Sun Salutation/Surya NamaskaraTroy - Twisting Triangle on the Bus/Parivrtta TrikonasanaSteve - Child's Pose/BalasanaHari Nam Singh Khalsa - StandingJeff - Warrior Buddha/VirabhadrasanaMarc - Corpse/ShavasinaMasterman Yoga Class -Tree Pose/Vrksasana Heather - Ghandu Bherundasana. Maryann - Half Pigeon on a Smoking Horse/Eka Pada RajakapotasanaAdele - Tree Pose/VrksasanaPatrick - Chair Pose/UtkatasanaChelsea - Eagle Pose/GarudasanaLaurie - Handstand/Adho Mukha VrksasanaAmy - Headstand/Sirsha-asanaClaudia - Dancer's Pose/NatarajasanaElise - Low Push-up/Chaturanga Dandasana
Deb - Triangle/Trikonasana
Yoga Portraits
Commissioned yoga portraits are now available.
In the U.S., yoga often focuses on the appearance of the external expression of the asana. However, yoga practice can provide a framework for the practitioner to make a deeper connection to his or her physical, spiritual, and emotional self. In the winter of 2010, I began interviewing yogis to unearth each subject’s yoga journey, and sought to express some essential element of that individual’s relationship with yoga in each portrait. Based on the interviews, I created 21 yoga portraits, each acrylic on canvas measuring 72 by 28 inches (yoga mat size). The portraits were exhibited together at Power Station Laboratories, 122 Arch Street, 3rd Floor on May 6th as part of First Friday. They were display on the floor in the configuration of a yoga class with the interviews of the yoga practitioners being played. These portraits ultimately evolved into an theater piece for the Philly Fringe Festival in September, 2011, which was name a "Best of Fest" by the Philadelphia City Paper. To view the video, link to Yoga Stories Video. If you are interested displaying Yoga Portraits in your yoga studio or in producing Yoga Stories in your city, please contact me to discuss.