Elise Luce Kraemer, Visual Artist
Poster for the National Occupy Gathering in July, 2012Shakira E and Yia-luHeather BWill SWalt NTricia SRob KJoe S and Will S quoting Fyodor DostoevskyJohn ZJacob S/elkEllen L RIP, painted by elk"Blood" finished 7/4/12 at Occupy Gathering - quote author unknown/elkEmily Z and Sydney MAD, VD, VSAAI artistsAli ADomonique J Occupy New HaveAen CNyshea BShun YBrandon TPhil FMarc quoting Shylalpn Tenszin Rinpoche painted by elkNed quoting Jamey Johnson, painted by elkThomas RElise KJohn RAnndee H quoting Naomi Shibab NyeErez FCMarcy B quoting LeviticusToni Morrison painted by Anndee HSam@sparkpeople painted by elkRebecca and Ron FRabbi Linda HLisagail Z quoting MLKLior L, GreenLior, Color WarriorLangston Hughes painted by Anndee HHallie A quoting Paul McCartneyPesha L quoting HillelNicole RoseSharifaDebbie ACat NCarol F quoting Pirkei Avot Bruno MRetired Captain Ray LewisAdam and Tamar O quoting RambanIwankaAnna M painted by elkLeroy F and ELK collaborateMonicaDonald JNadiaCindy MRuth A painted by ELKJames R painted by ELKErika SPete T- Anna L and Clara INathan K by elkJordon Gwen by ELKBrian F painted by ELKPhil FMini TSamitaAshrafGeorge painted by ELKDonald painted by ELKSeamusJesse G painted by ELKElise KMeah KIbbySusan W painted by ELKNathan T painted by ELKSusan BSally EKathy W by ELKLuke BSusan RAllyson G painted by Susan RJohn S painted by ELKAvi A painted by ELKPat R painted by ELKEric M. Painted by ELKDexterG.K. painted by ELKChristinaAndrea KJanet GC. Burns painted by Dil G.PerEmma Goldman painted by Susan R and ELKAlyseAPKPrestoLetter to the 1%KareemKaren T - Occupy Bed-StyGreg FOccupy My Soul
Occupy My Soul
The Occupy My Soul Quilt was part of the National Gathering on Sunday, July 1st and July 4th. If you are interested in having the Occupy Quilt displayed in your venue or wish to document the project, please contact me at elisekraemer@verizon.net.

To purchase T-Shirts, posters, and other fun stuff that subsides the cost of the quilt link to http://www.zazzle.com/occupymysoul* In addition, custom items can be created based on any of the Occupy Panels.

Occupy My Soul is a large collaborative art piece inspired by the Occupy Movement. Last fall, I saw that the media were not telling the whole story: there was more to the movement than the TV images of occupiers camping out next to City Hall. I had two goals: (1) to provide a venue for occupiers (both physical and virtual) to express their views; and (2) to celebrate the diversity of views, but also to find and depict unity within the movement. To this end, I dreamed of a quilt/tent made of 99 panels, each one with a single occupier’s message. To create visual unity, I created a pattern and color theme. Each quote is painted on a single panel with a figure. There are three figure “prototypes” - right arm overhead, left hand overhead, or both arms overhead. The figures were designed to be able to fit together into a dance. Each artist is free to interpret the figure as he or she wishes. I found an economical, durable material - “heat sheets” which could actually warm people while they were in or under the blanket/tent and use rope to "sew" the panels together.

As of June 16 2012, seventy-five of the ninety-nine panels have been completed. Artists and non-artists as young as 4 and old as 80+ have painted panels with me at my studio at 915 Spring Garden in Philadelphia. A number of “non-artists” have created beautiful work, including students at Lincoln High School, and member of Mishkan Shalom synagogue. Others, offered quotes that were painted by me and several volunteer artists.

Visiting occupiers are invited to complete the final 24 panels the afternoon of July 1st. Hopefully, the quilt will find a venue (indoor or outside) to celebrate the one year anniversary of occupy in September.

For more information and media coverage:
Link to http://articles.philly.com/2012-02-20/ne or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K7Jh6kDsV or Occupy My Soul to connect on Facebook.